Resources: 7 Step Program

  1. 1


    We have learned, through our body, to revitalize and re-center ourselves, to find new vigor and look to the future with hope.

  2. 2


    We have learned, through work and words, to actively manage our stress, our emotions and needs, for our satisfaction and the satisfaction of those close to us.

  3. 3


    We have regained the confidence, comprehension and dignity that we deserved in the beginning as children. We have chosen to give ourselves a value, a place and time.

  4. 4


    We have freed ourselves of our toxic archetypes, our fears and our shame by accepting to awaken our feeling of indignation and our inner strengths.

  5. 5


    We are committed in our relationships to Give-Receive with equity and reciprocity in thanks and with a sense of duty and values.

  6. 6


    We have built new, healthy and fruitful relationships and have engaged in reconciliation wherever possible in order to preserve our capacity to give the best of ourselves and of what we have.

  7. 7


    We have learned to accept and change events for the better, with courage, serenity and wisdom. We have passed on this spirit with humility and pleasure.