The Map of The 7 Emotions

A map to obtain emotional guidance when faced with a stress disorder or a need for moral intelligence

The International Map of the 7 Emotions (IME), in Space and Time, is based scientifically on true emotional stories and on real social facts (250 clinical case studies in both qualitative and quantitative research). IME may remind you that you are “Electrical” intelligence (name it Chi in your body, Flow in your soul, Electrical Power in your mind, nervous tension in your muscles or just electrochemical connections in the billions of neurons in your 4 brains). As Dr Hans SELYE used to call it, we name it “the stress of life” given that scientifically you are just an Electrical Feeling Machine processing emotional data in search of memory for the right action to fill your cup with healthy energy, good resources or nice rewards. You can call it the feeling power to better manage opportunities and threats properly in your life thanks to past mental experiences in order to get more enjoyable fulfilment in your environment and relationships in the future (Dr Antonio DAMASIO, Dr Erik KANDEL, Dr Roger SPERRY).

“... helping you make ‘the right choice, with the right person,
for the right need, at the right place in time’”.

Our International Map of the 7 Emotions (IME) will help you better make “the right choice, with the right person, for the right need, at the right place in time”. Our Map of the 7 Emotions will help you better use emotional memory for rational action with the correct decision making process. This is practical emotional keys and real social facts that we all need to remember worldwide in order to better manage our emotional reactions under stress and to get healthier fulfilment of our 350 human needs (Dr Marshall ROSENBERG, John BRADSHAW).

Our International Map of the 7 Emotions is at the same time an emotional compass, a scientific travel guide and a managerial handbook to better manage stress, emotions and relationships, in terms of good enjoyable stimulations in space and the right meaningful connections in time. In other words, our emotional map is a precious sensory-motor barometer to show you the way to the right sunny decisions for yourself regarding need fulfilment, interpretation of feeling, stress disorder, criteria of choice, love languages and more generally speaking “Care Giving and Receiving”, in the light of your own emotional history.

Our International Map of the 7 Emotions takes into account the need for the right action, the price of bad reactions and the value of good memories in mental experiences (knowledge, education, childhood experiences, toxic people...). In the Ocean of stress, in the Mountain Range of emotions and in the Green Fields of relationships, our Map of the 7 Emotions will give you meaningful responses to emotional questions and to behavioural issues such as: “Is it real love or a power game?”; “Is it care or abuse?”; “Is it healthy or toxic behaviour?”; “Is it normal and natural emotions or destructive and abusive reactions?”; “Is it time to wake up?”... (Dr Susan FORWARD, Dr Peter LEVINE).

Based on primary qualitative data research in 250 clinical case studies, our International Map of the 7 Emotions will provide you scientifically with 17 emotional landmarks to guide you towards real care about the realities and consequences of stress, that is to say the importance of emotional education and the significance of relationships impact (MOFFITT&CASPI). We hope that our emotional map will open the doors of perception towards satisfaction, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence, in different emotional fields such as decision making, real care, love success, family life, team building or value management. These domains of knowledge are often called emotional wellness, moral intelligence, healthy living, parenting, mindfulness, emotional pain digestion. This is kind of “Neuro-socio-psycho-biology of the Heart” or “social emotional education”, taking into account both the environmental stress (impact of lack, shock, neglect, trauma, abuse, abandon...) and the emotional brain (importance of amygdala, hippocampus, insula, intestinal microbiote...), as regards respectively social stimulations and neuronal connections (Dr Hans SELYE, Dr Henri LABORIT, Dr Antonio DAMASIO, Dr Gerhard ROTH).

In your management of opportunities and threats (love, sex, fun, fear, danger, pain....), strengths and resources (money, power, fame, energy, food, health...), our International Map of the 7 Emotions is designed to help you make true interpretations, healthier choices or right decisions faced with the reactions of stress, the connections of emotions and the stimulations of relationships. Our Map of the 7 Emotions should make it clear for you that we can simply get satisfaction thanks to the healthy management of good stimulations in our environment and right connections in our brain. This emotional management timepiece may just prevent you from repeating bad mental experience, toxic behaviour or useless pattern thanks to better decision making in Space and Time.

Indeed, concerning your personal satisfaction or need fulfilment, our emotional map is designed to enhance Your Own Power to feel it right (Sense / Perception / Observation), to think about it right (Sense / Connection / Interpretation), to do it right (Sense / Impulsion / Reaction) and to talk about it straight up with truth (Sense / Contact / Communication).

Taking into account the basic scientific pieces of the human emotional puzzle, in the mental experience of brain data processing in Space and Time, mainly the nervous system (perception, motion, sensorimotor nerves), the amygdala role (signal, stress reaction, behavioural response), the hippocampus influence (memory, educational experience and personal history), the insula value (taste, sense, healthy and disgust) and the orbitofrontal cortex place (interpretation, meaning, decision making), our Map of the 7 Emotions should make sense and value for you as regards appropriate reaction in the short term, right decision making in the long term. By shedding light on the key role of emotional memory to make sense, taste and value in human action in Time, our emotional map should awake you on purpose in order to care more about the right Place that environmental stress and emotional pain should have taken in your life, both in your childhood and your memory as a consequence.

As a result, faced with stress disorder and emotional mess, our Map of the 7 Emotions might be a useful start to stop rumination, dissociation, compulsion, obsession, impulsion, addiction, procrastination or depression. Please remember that true joy, healthy anger and real sadness are the key success motor emotions to change your life and emotionally digest your pain, and that inappropriate fear, toxic shame and destructive guilt are just the inner voices to box! So keep fighting, and bear in mind that we hope that one day scientists too will also just speak the truth about environmental stress and emotional poverty. What a shame that brilliant people such as Antonio DAMASIO, Joseph LEDOUX or Henri LABORIT can’t talk about the 7 Wounds of The Heart, or the 7 Roots of Stress, as our International Map of the 7 Emotions will do below. Maybe this will change in the future given that environmental stress and moral intelligence will increasingly become big issues.

Whatever the case, here are the 17 emotional landmarks we used to draw our first map. We hope that these 17 keys will open you the door of good memory for right action dealing. “Just remember it”.

  1. The 4 root causes of happiness failure (Satisfaction Management – Oh, LALA).
  2. The 4 levels of feeling (Connection Management).
  3. The 4 human brains (Consciousness Management).
  4. The 3 natural stress of humans (Action Management).
  5. The 7 emotions of humans (Reaction Management).
  6. The 4 seasons of human development (Success Management).
  7. The 4 steps of human satisfaction (Need Management).
  8. The 5 languages of love (Giving and Receiving Management).
  9. The 2 basic emotional connections (Sense and Value Management).
  10. The 4 steps of emotional shutdown (Heart Freezing and Stress Disorder Management).
  11. The 7 emotional bugs or disorders (Stress Disorder Management).
  12. The 7 emotional wounds (Emotional Pain Management).
  13. The 3 social masks of stress (Drama Queens and Kings Management).
  14. The 5 stages of toxic loop (Pattern and Spiral Scenario Management).
  15. The 6 dragons of emotions (Denial Management).
  16. The 5 stages of emotional digestion (Relief Management).
  17. The 10 psychological barriers of emotional shutdown (Silence Management).

Our International Map of the 7 Emotions is particularly interesting in the 3 following fields of human consciousness and moral intelligence:

  1. Emotional education and happy parenting.
  2. Power management and healthy decision making.
  3. Psychological development and brain data processing.